Waldschlössl has a useful floor space of 1000 m2 and beside apartments and rooms for tourism purposes, it is the home of seven flats for long term tenants and an office of a company (Aquapol) in the south-eastern outbuilding. The coffee shop on the ground floor is under reconstructions at the moment and hopefully we can open it soon to the public. The outbuilding to the western side of Waldschlössl serves as a warehouse at the moment. 

We have been dealing mainly with the reconstruction of the entrance hall on the ground floor, and full reconstruction of the first floor’s southern and western wings so far. This is the part of the building which serves for tourism purposes.

Furthermore, smaller faults of the facade have already been fixed, the roof of the office building has been recovered, the place of solar panels have been prepared and approximately 15 fruit trees and bushes have been planted in the garden.