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In case you arrive by public transportation

The most relaxing way of travelling is arriving by train at the train station of Payerbach-Reichenau. The station is situated on the route of the southern railway, the journey takes about one hour from Vienna. Trains run every hours, in rush hours even more often. From Sopron, it takes one and half hour to reach us by changing in Wienerneustadt. From Vienna, you can even take an express train to Wienerneustadt where you have to change for a stopping train or you can choose a stopping train also directly from Vienna to us.

We can pick you up from the railway station of Payerbach-Reichenau with pleasure. Especially when you travel heavy, the route towards Waldschlössl up can be very tiring.

In case you prefer coming on foot, just head towards the mountains from the train station of Payerbach-Reichenau. It takes approximately 10-20 minutes. Leave the train station in the direction of platform 2-3, to the south (if you come from Vienna facing the course further, so not in the direction of waiting room). On the right side, set out on a small asphalt road, and follow this road until Waldschlössl. Take the left at Geyerhof on the serphentine path, don’t go ahead (in this case you can reach Geyerhof). If you choose this way, you can reach us on an asphalt road with less traffic, you can do it even with a baby carriage without any problems. This way, it takes 20 minutes to get to Waldschlössl. If you would like to do a short cut, set off in the same direction, but after leaving the train station, cut across the asphalt road and go through the wood upwards on the steep road. If you prefer this direction, you will end up on the asphalt road again just before Waldschlössl.

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In case you arrive by car

For the journey to Payerbach or Reichenau, Google Maps and the navigation devices known to us work perfectly.

There are two possible ascents to Schneedörfl and the Waldschlössl:
  • The easiest way is to go to Reichenau, going on the main road passing by the supermarket Billa and Eurospart, then take the right at the sign ZAHNARZT (dentist’s). Following this road, through the small bridge on the right side, you can see the catholic church, then after the Villa Sisi, you turn right. This road brings you up on a hill and after one kilometre you can find Waldschlöss on the left side.
  • The other option is coming from Payerbach, passing by the traffic light junction (and Payerbach from the right side go ahead until you can see a yellow-white house on the right side. Here you can turn right and follow the road under the overhead railway bridge until Geyerhof when you turn left and after 300 meters you can see Waldschlössl.
Under the building there is a grass area which serves as a parking lot.