Sustainability is not only a hollow phrase for us. We live based on these principles and before taking any decisions, we always raise the question which option is the ecologically most favourable way. If you visit Waldschlössl, you will immediately see that sustainability is a part of the everyday life. Some examples:


Heating of Waldschlössl is run by geothermal energy, we don’t use any gas or oil. Our heating pump has 7 deep bored wells, each of them are 100 metres deep. This system provides the whole building with heating. In the light of soaring electricity prices, in the last winters we have in addition also used our wood-fired central heating system to reduce our electricity needs in winter. One of our tenants also uses a wood-burning tile stove beside this.

Solar panels

We have installed our 35kWp photovoltaic system in 2022 on the roofs of the office building and of our new bee house. In 2023 we produced more electricity than we consumed in the entire Waldschlössl and thereby our electricity production exceeded the building’s entire energy needs.


In both apartments, you can find an espresso coffee machine. You can prepare your coffee from fresh ground coffee, in the apartments you can also find an electronic coffee grinder. Coffee-grounds are of course composted.

Fruits and vegetables

Meanwhile most people are satisfied if they buy regional food contributing to shortening transport, we are striving for growing the most part of vegetables and fruits used in Waldschössl in our own garden. This factor guides us also when creating the menu of the coffee shop. We aim to offer you as much as possible food made from seasonal vegetables and fruits.

How to find us?

Waldschlössl is easy to reach by public transportation, on foot in 10 minutes from the train station of Payerbach-Reichenau (upwards to the mountains). In order to encourage our guests to use public transportation, you can get 10% off the price of accommodation if you choose this way of travelling. As we are fully aware that the last metres on the way to Waldschlössl are quite demanding, we are ready to pick you up on the station.

Further interesting facts/things 

While equipping our rooms and apartments, we focused on usage of sustainable materials e.g. wood as far as possible.

Laundry is done on the premises, if weather allows, we sundry clean bed-clothes outside on the terrace without using additional source of energy.

We use natural soap which does not contain any mineral oils, silicon, they are paraben free and made by Sabine Mitteregger ( After soap is used up, empty bottles are sent back to the producer and going to be refilled.

Therefore, there are no small plastic bottles to be thrown into the dustbin.