Apartment Rax

Both bedrooms and the American Style kitchen with the living room open on the entrance hall, the bathroom and a separate toilet on the living room. The apartment faces south, and you can step onto the biggest balcony of Waldschlössl not only from the living room but also from the larger bedroom. The balcony is spacious enough for a pleasant breakfast or just sitting outside enjoying the panoramic mountain view of Rax. In the larger bedroom, there is a canopy bed and in the smaller bedroom facing north a bunk bed for three people (downstairs a double bed and upstairs a single bed).

Apartment Schneeberg

Also the small bedroom with a bunk bed, the bathroom and a separate toilet opens on the entrance hall. The larger bedroom with a twin bed and a small balcony is connected with the living room which faces southern and the bedrooms facing western. Each window has a perfect mountain view on the Rax.

Laron’s family residence

Laron’s family residence consists of two bedrooms, both of them designed for two people, in the first room you can find a twin bed and in the second one a bunk bed. Both bedrooms, the bathroom and a separate toilet open on the entrance hall and are equipped with a fridge and a microwave oven.

Leno’s double bedroom

Leno’s double bedroom has the same size as Waldschlössl used to have as a sanatorium. The room has also a small bathroom with a shower and a toilet. It is perfect for travellers who like cuddling in the night, and spending the day outside or on one of the balcony’s of Waldschlössl.